A new karting championship for 2018
This page contains the information for the championship - SPACES WILL BE LIMITED to 30 drivers and to be given first refusal on entry to this championship, please contact us as soon as possible via email at: interested@racingprogressionseries.com

If enough drivers are interested in racing in the championship, I will set up a limited company which will handle the management of the championship.

Prizes for the top drivers

At the end of the season, the most talented drivers will win prizes. Hopefully these prizes will help them to peruse their racing careers to a higher level.

The champion

The top prize, given to the champion, will be a £15,000 cash prize!

However, the champion will be ineligible to enter future seasons of our series.

2nd Place

£5,000 cash prize.

3rd Place

£2,500 cash prize.

The below prizes can also be exchanged for a reduction of the cost of entry to our 2019 championship.

4th-10th Place

4th place – £1,500 cash prize.

5th place - £1,000 cash prize.

6th place - £500 cash prize.

7th place - £400 cash prize.

8th place - £300 cash prize.

9th place – £200 cash prize.

10th place - £100 cash prize.

Additionally, trophies will be presented to the top 5 drivers in the championship, as well as trophies for the top 3 in the final at each round.

Championship Format

The championship will be made up of 4 events, visiting kart circuits around the UK. Each event will consist of 2 rounds (best 7 rounds count).

Drivers will be split into groups, of up to 15 drivers, for practice and the heats, and the format will be:

1 x 20 minute practice

2 x 8 minute heats

Then, the best drivers from each group will qualify for a 5 minute qualifying session, followed by a 15 minute final.

The second round of the double-header will then occur, with different groupings, and with the same format as above, but without practice.

Each group’s first heat will be a random grid and the grid for the 2nd heat will be a reverse of this grid.

Also, in order to ensure a level playing field, each event will use the circuit’s rental karts, as any kart inequalities should even out over the season, given that every driver will drive a range of karts over the season.

The age restriction is likely to be 16 years or older, but we may need to increase it to 18.

We plan on charging approximately £2,000, and this will cover all entry and kart hire fees for the season.